Quantum physics vs. classical physics: introducing the basics with a virtual reality game

Bob Dorland, Lennard van Hal, Stanley Lageweg, Jurgen Mulder, Rinke Schreuder, Amir Zaidi, David Alderliesten, Rafael Bidarra
Games and Learning Alliance, Volume 11899, page 383--393 - 2019
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Unlike classical physics, quantum physics is harder to ex-plain, as it involves very small scales and phenomena that are not visibleto the naked eye. Understanding the differences between classical andquantum physics is difficult, especially for children, who cannot graspthe subtleties conveyed in complicated formulae.We propose to achieve this in a playful and immersive manner, which is amore familiar and convenient way to introduce children to new concepts.For this we developedSave Schr #odinger's Cat, a puzzle game in virtualreality featuring a classical physics mode and a quantum physics mode.As virtual objects and phenomena behave differently in each mode, thismechanic encourages players to toggle between modes, in order to ex-plore the differences between quantum and classical physics in an immer-sive, entertaining and challenging way. A preliminary evaluation showedthat players could better identify various distinguishing features of eithermode.

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