Ir. Amir Zaidi

PhD Student at the Computer Graphics and Visualization group at TU Delft
Room 5W.920, Building 28
E-mail: <>


After recently finishing my Master’s degree at Delft in the Computer Graphics & Visualization group, I continued with a PhD in “VR for Education” under supervision of Prof. Dr. Elmar Eisemann. During this PhD I will be working on making educational content more easily understandable by researching different shading algorithms and applying these in VR.

My interests are signal processing, computational photography, and the application of these topics to rasterization rendering engines.

Publications in 2021
Erik Blokland, Caroline Cullinan, Doreen Mulder, Willie Overman, Marin Visscher, Amir Zaidi, Mijael Bueno, Rafael Bidarra
Interactive Storytelling: International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, Number LNCS 13138, page 293-306 - dec 2021
Publications in 2020
Drew Berge, Danilo Bettencourt, Stanley Lageweg, Willie Overman, Amir Zaidi, Rafael Bidarra
CHI PLAY 2020 - nov 2020
Publications in 2019
Bob Dorland, Lennard van Hal, Stanley Lageweg, Jurgen Mulder, Rinke Schreuder, Amir Zaidi, David Alderliesten, Rafael Bidarra
Games and Learning Alliance, Volume 11899, page 383--393 - 2019