Visualization of boundaries in volumetric data sets using LH histograms

P. Sereda, Anna Vilanova, I.W.O. Serlie, F.A. Gerritsen
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Volume 12, Number 2, page 208--218 - 2006
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A crucial step in volume rendering is the design of transfer functions that will highlight those aspects of the volume data that are of interest to the user. For many applications, boundaries carry most of the relevant information. Reliable detection of boundaries is often hampered by limitations of the imaging process, such as blurring and noise. We present a method to identify the materials that form the boundaries. These materials are then used in a new domain that facilitates interactive and semiautomatic design of appropriate transfer functions. We also show how the obtained boundary information can be used in region-growing-based segmentation.

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