Dr. Anna Vilanova

Anna Vilanova

Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6
Room E. 6.160, Building 28

Phone: +31 15 27 83107
Email: A.Vilanova_AT_tudelft.nl

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Department of Intelligent Systems
Computer Graphics & Visualization Group
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft
The Netherlands

Dr. Anna Vilanova is associate professor, since August 2013, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Intelligent Systems, Computer Graphics & Visualization Group at the University of Deft, the Netherlands. Prior to this position, she was Assistant Professor at the Biomedical Image Analysis group of the Biomedical Engineering Department at the Eindhoven University of Technology. She is leading a research group in the subject of visual analytics and multivalued image analysis and visualization, focusing on Visual Analytics for high dimensional data. She focuses on Biomedical applications, Diffusion Weighted Imaging and 4D Flow. Her research interests include visual analytics, medical visualization, volume visualization, multivalued visualization, and medical image analysis. In 2005, she was awarded a NWO-Veni personal grant with title “Visualization of global tensor information for diffusion tensor imaging”. In 2013 she got a NWO-Aspasia. She is member of the international program committee of several conferences (e.g., IEEE Visualization and EG- IEEE VGTC-EuroVis). She has been chair and editor of relevant conferences and journals in her field of research (e.g., EuroVis 2008, Computer & Graphics, Computer Graphics Forum). She was member of the steering committee of IEEE VGTC EuroVis since 2014 -2018. She is elected member of the EUROGRAPHICS executive committee since 2015 and second vice president of EUROGRAPHICS since 2019. She is member of the ICT research Platform Netherlands (IPN) since 2016.

OPEN – Master Thesis Projects

If you are a master student looking for a possible theses topic, we have several open projects and possibilities within topics related to data visualization in general, visual analytics and biomedical visualization. The projects can range fundamental to very applied. We can also offer projects in collaboration with companies and medical hospitals (e.g.,  Leiden University of Technology, Philips).  We work on visualization for brain connectivity (MRI Diffusion Tensor Imaging), and blood flow visualization (Phase contrast MRI). We are also interested in visualization for sports, specifically in visualization for sailing while coaching. Refer to the publications and the pages of the current PostDocs and PhD students (see below) to get an idea of the most recent work. If you are interested in a project in the direction of my research, please, contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

Former PostDoc

Thomas Hollt –  Cytosplore – VAnPIRe – Visual Analysis in Population Imaging Research ( May 2015 – August 2018)

Roy van Pelt ( April 2012 – December 2013)

Current PhD Students

Niels de Hoon – 4D MRI Flow Visualization ( December 2014)

Faizan Siddiqui – Diffusion MRI Tractography with Uncertainty Propagation for the Neurosurgical Workflow (April 2019)

Marcos Pieras – Visual Analytics for the Sail Coach Cockpit (August 2019)

Open Positions

Are you interested in doing a PhD with us please look at the vancancies:

Former PhD Students

Petr Sereda– “3D Facilitating the Design of Multidimensional and Local Transfer Functions for Volume Visualization” (Finished 20th June 2007)
Henri Bouma – “Vessel-Diameter Quantification and Embolus Detection in CTA Images”(Finished April 2008)
Tim Peeters –“GPU-based Visualizatin Techniques for the Interactive Exploration of Diffusion MRI Data” (Finished 9th December 2009)
Vesna Prckovska –“ Analysis and Visualization of High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging”  (Finished 20th October 2010)
Paulo Rodrigues –“ Segmentation and Visualization of Diffusion Weighted Imaging Tensor Fields” (Finished 19th April 2011)
Neda Sepasian –“Geodesic based Fiber Tracking for Diffusion Weighted Imaging” (Finished 19th September 2011)
Ralph Brecheisen –“ Visualization of Uncertainty in Fiber Tracking Based on Diffusion Tensor Imaging” ( Finished 13th June 2012)
Roy van Pelt – “Real-time Illustrative Visualization of Cardiovascular Hemodynamics “ (Finished 13th June 2012)
Noeska Smit – “The Virtual Surgical Pelvis: Anatomy Visualization for Education and Surgical Planning”  (Finished October 2016) – supervised by me since August 2013
Renata Raidou “Uncertainty Visualization for Digital Radiation Therapy”  (Finished  March 2017) – EuroVis 2018 Best PhD Award
Changgong Zhang – Comparative Visualization for Diffusion Tensor Imaging based Group Study (Finished December 2017) supervised by me since August 2013
Nicola PezzottiVAnPIRe project –Dimensionality-Reduction Algorithms for Progressive Visual Analytics – (Finished April 2019)-  Cumlaude






t-SNE Tensorflow (demo)

Cytosplore MTG viewer


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