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Dr. Willem F. Bronsvoort

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Email: W.F.Bronsvoort_at_tudelft.nl

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Willem Frederik (Wim) Bronsvoort was born on June 16, 1952 in Bathmen, the Netherlands. He studied mathematics with specialization computer science at the University of Groningen from 1971 to 1978, and worked as systems programmer/engineer at the Central Bureau of Statistics in Voorburg from 1979 to 1981.

Wim started working at Delft University of Technology as assistant professor in 1981, and was appointed associate professor CAD/CAM in 1985. His initial research was on the boundary area of computer graphics and solid modeling, and he got his PhD from Delft University of Technology on a thesis entitled "Direct display algorithms for solid modelling" in 1990.

In the nineties, he switched to feature modeling. Major topics were multiple-view feature modeling, in which several application views on a product model are simultaneously maintained with feature conversion, and semantic feature modeling, in which the validity of feature models is maintained during the whole modeling process with constraint checking and solving. Other topics were assembly feature modeling, collaborative feature modeling, freeform feature modeling, families of objects, and mesh generation from feature models.

He has (co-)supervised 12 PhD students, has published numerous papers in journals, books and conference proceedings, was co-founder of the Solid Modeling Association, and has served as member of the editorial board of several journals, in particular Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Design and Applications, Graphical Models and International Journal of Product Development, and as co-chair and member of many program committees of conferences, for example Solid Modeling Symposia and CAD Conferences.

At the SPM 2017 Symposium, he received the SMA Solid Modeling Pioneer Award.

Wim officially retired from the university in 2018, but he is still scientifically active in the area of CAD/CAM; see his current professional activities listed below.

Selected journal papers

Bronsvoort WF, van Wijk JJ, and Jansen FW (1984) Two methods for improving the efficiency of ray casting in solid modelling. Computer-Aided Design 16(1):51-55.

Bronsvoort WF, and Klok F (1985) Ray tracing generalized cylinders. ACM Transactions on Graphics 4(4):291-303.

Bronsvoort WF (1986) Techniques for reducing Boolean evaluation time in CSG scan-line algorithms. Computer-Aided Design 18(10):533-538.

Bronsvoort WF (1992) A surface-scanning algorithm for displaying generalized cylinders. The Visual Computer 8(3):162-170.

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Nyirenda PJ, and Bronsvoort WF (2009) A framework for extendable freefrom surface feature modelling. Computers in Industry 60(1):35-47.

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Sypkens Smit M, and Bronsvoort WF (2009) Efficient tetrahedral remeshing of feature models for finite element analysis. Engineering with Computers 25(4):327-344.

van der Meiden HA, and Bronsvoort WF (2010) A non-rigid cluster rewriting approach to solve systems of 3D geometric constraints. Computer-Aided Design 42(1):36-49.

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van den Berg E, and Bronsvoort WF (2010) Validity maintenance for freeform feature modeling. Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering 10(1):011006/1-14.

A complete list of all publications in journals, books and conference proceedings can be downloaded here.

Current professional activities

Member Editorial Board Computer-Aided Design.

Member Editorial Board Computer-Aided Design and Applications.

Paper Chair Emeritus CAD '21, International CAD Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 5-7 July 2021.

Member Program Committee SPM 2021, Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling, Davis, USA, 27-29 September 2021.