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You guessed it:
this is a collection of links
to some interesting web sites
in (or about) Portugal

In English

Welcome to Portugal, at ICEP
     General (commercial and touristic) information about the country

A Collection of Home Pages about Portugal..., by Robert J. Morey
     A very complete and useful site of portuguese links

Lisbon Pages, by Hugo Santos
    An original overview of the capital

Telephone book, at Portugal Telecom
    Simple search by name

Parque das Nações
    One of the great new zones of Lisbon

Touristic destination guides
    Useful info on portuguese places

Portugal Hotel Guide
    Very complete lodging site

Sapo, the best search engine in Portugal
    Oops, it's all in Portuguese...

Portuguese restaurants, around the world
    Find out the Portuguese restaurant nearest you

Douro and Port wines, at IVDP
    Everything, from history to production (and consumption !...) techniques

EURODICAUTOM, an online diccionary of european languages
    Quite powerful, though somewhat slow...

In Dutch

De Portugal start pagina, natuurlijk...
    Indrukwekkende verzameling links én dochterpagina's

Lissabon voor de Nederlandse toerist, door Ronand van Kessel
    Heel leuke en complete site over Lissabon

Portugese evenementen in Nederland, bij Portucale Vertalingen
    ...Vooral muziek en cultuur

Portugese gemeenschap in Nederland, min of meer oficiëel
    ...verzameling verenigingen en informatie

In 'portuguenglish'...

Portuguese popular expressions, by Cristina Videira Lopes
    Funny english literal translations of portuguese idioms...

In Portuguese

Sporting Club de Portugal, the one and only
    Simply the best football club...!

Os Lusíadas, by Luís de Camões
    The masterwork of portuguese poetry

Clube Xénon
    The club where I spent the best of my youth

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