I have the right to my body !
Pro-Life Page
If the dignity
of a terminal patient
seems threatened by lack of
quality of life,
how can the former ever be honored
by fatally eliminating
the remains of the latter ?

Articles on the human person

Human Personhood by Prof. Peter Kreeft
Illegal Abortion Myths by Frank Beckwith

Books on abortion

Abortion: Questions and Answers by Jack and Barbara Willke
The Moral Question of Abortion by Stephen Schwarz
    There are many other books published on this issue


Council of Europe recommendation 1418 (of 25.6.1999)
Mother Theresa in Cairo
Dr. Bernard Nathanson: declarations of an ex-abortionist
...and even former Vice-Pres. Al Gore, before he changed his mind...
the second victim, the aborted woman: outpourings of mothers, after aborting

Some links to Pro-Life sites

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Abortion in The Netherlands

Official abortion figures, source: Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, Yearbook '98, page 491
Official population figures (by marital status, age and sex), source: Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, Yearbook '98, page 39

Euthanasia in The Netherlands

Voluntary euthanasia under control? The latest empirical evidence on euthanasia in the Netherlands, 1999, an article by Henk Jochemsen and John Keown
The Dutch Cure: Euthanasia in the Netherlands, by Hermina Dykxhoorn
Expanding the culture of death, by Nat Hentoff, in Jewish World Review
We Ignore the Dutch Legalization of Euthanasia at Our Own Peril, by Wesley J. Smith
Statistics of euthanasia in the Netherlands, 1990

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