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You guessed it:
this is a collection of links
to some interesting web sites
in (or about) The Netherlands

In English

KLM, the Royal Dutch Airways
    that says it all...

Reisplanner, at NS
    the planner for all sorts of train trips

Locate an address anywhere in the country, at Routenet
    really very useful

Museumkwartier, the historical downtown Utrecht
    there's much to see in here

Snowfall album, plenty of photos on the Dutch record snowfall of 2005
    amazing Winter scenes and landscapes

In Dutch

Weather forecast, at KNMI
    the (in)famous Dutch weather

Current weather, by BuienRadar
    let's be clear: not IF it rains, but WHERE...

Telefoongids, at KPN
    the phone book

    a great classified overview of all sorts of links

    the Dutch search engine

Teletekst, at NOS
    the TeleText site

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