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Here are
the best links to some of my favorite music groups;
that's about the same as
some of my favorite links to the best music groups...

Simon and Garfunkel

Simon and Garfunkel, the official site
    the starting point for their discography

Song For The Asking, by Rudi Riet
    Probably the best collection of S&G guitar chords and tabs ever

Paul Simon Guitar Tablature Page, by Brad Priddy
     Unique unpublished tablature

The Simon and Garfunkel Homepage, by Rich Kent
    Incredibly accurate tabs (some say Rich is Paul Simon himself... ;-)

Paul Simon, the neck of my guitar
    Very active fan group

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac Official Home Page, at RepriseRec
    Great! Very complete

Mirage, by Mike Gee
    Especially dedicated to The Dance

The Penguin, by Martin and Lisa Adelson
    A great homepage with many search capabilities

Fleetwood Mac Legacy, by Dirk Faes
    Another very complete and up-to-date page

Go your own way, a UK resource
    Focusing on the Rumours era

Magna Carta

Official Magna Carta Website, by Nelson Silva
    Very complete site, just miss the lyrics...

Friends of Magna Carta homepage, by Jan Wijkmans
    Including an up-to-date concert calendar


Madredeus Official Home Page
    Very complete, includes concert calendar

Madredeus Home Page, in Italy
    Nice fan page (photos, lyrics, mailing list...)

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