Two MSc theses successfully defended

Korijn van Golen and Matthijs Neven successfully defended their theses in our group recently.

Landmark Influence VisualizationLandmark Influence Visualization
Landmark Influence Visualization

On Tuesday, the 8th of July, Korijn defended his thesis “Landmark Influence Visualization in Active Shape Models”. In his work he introduced a novel landmark influence visualization that improves the usability of Active Shape Models. Landmark influence is defined as the change the model fit will undergo if a landmark is removed. The landmark influence is visualized using disk glyphs around landmarks. A region-of-interest filter can be used to inspect influence on local regions. Distance maps and animations visualize how the shape will change.

Remote Rendering interface
Remote Rendering interface

On Friday, the 22nd of August, Matthijs defended his thesis “Interactive Remote Rendering”. In his work, he present an interactive remote volume-rendering system that tries to bridge the gap between complex medical volume data and the patient. The user can easily upload their own data, which they receive from the clinician after a scan, which they can then visualize. The application does not require any medical or volume visualization background, and can run from any device with a working internet connection and an internet browser.

We’d like to congratulate Korijn and Matthijs with their Master of Science titles!