The Online Anatomical Human

The Online Anatomical Human: Anatomical Knowledge Exchange on the Web from VGTCommunity.


Noeska Smit, Cees-Willem Hofstede, Annelot Kraima, Daniel Jansma, Marco deRuiter, Elmar Eisemann, Charl Botha, Anna Vilanova


Human anatomy is complex and as early as the late bronze age, people have been trying to gain insights in the functioning of the human body. Nowadays, resources such as books and software are available to educate medical students, but these media usually have some restrictions; anatomical images in books present information from fixed views and do not allow readers to freely explore the information, while software tools often present an idealized average human anatomy. In this work, we introduce the Online Anatomical Human (OAH), an online viewer and annotation system for anatomical information. It is based on real human anatomy and incorporates medical image data in linked 2D and 3D views. The goals of this anatomical online resource are two-fold. First of all, the OAH will serve as an educational platform available to anyone that has access to a modern web browser. Secondly, by making our work accessible to medical experts, we can ensure an increasing amount of information and, hereby, a gain in educational value of our tool.

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