Student Projects

Example projects including currently available ones can be found on the password protected page: Student Projects .
The PASSWORD can be retrieved via the INTRANET(within the TU Delft network) here.
If you are coming from a different university and want to see the open projects, please contact us directly: Rafael Bidarra or Elmar Eisemann

MSc student projects can be done in all areas of computer graphics, including:

  • Game Technology
  • Geometry Processing
  • Interactive Visualization and Virtual Reality
  • Medical Visualization
  • Rendering Techniques
  • Mathematical Illustration

The topic of a project can cover other technical application areas of computer science as well, but is always determined in consultation with staff members of the group. Depending on your particular interests, they will give you suggestions. Of course, you can also propose a project yourself.

Projects can be done internally, i.e. within the context of one of the research areas of the group, or externally, i.e. at a company, a research institute, another faculty of the university, or another university.

A seminar assignment may serve as a preparation for a thesis project, e.g. by doing a literature study on the topic of the thesis project.

You can have a look at former projects, or the projects of the current Master students by looking at their own TU Delft pages.
Thesis reports can be found in the TU Delft Repository.