Computer Graphics and Visualization is a key element in several domains; medical, architectural, and scientific applications, entertainment (movies and games), simulations, and virtual training are only a few examples on which our work has a strong impact.

In these contexts, we investigate realistic, perceptual, and expressive rendering, visualization of scientific and medical data, interaction and game technologies, and modelling of 3D content.
Our goal is to develop methods to efficiently and effectively produce virtual worlds and provide high-quality display solutions. We aim for solutions to produce instructive illustrations with real-world applications (e.g., medical visualization, or flooding simulations) and make use of perceptual findings to increase the effectiveness of the displayed information. Our work is often multi-disciplinary and combines aspects of various fields, such as physics, parallel programming, algorithms, perception, or numerical methods.

gametech Game Technology
Advanced techniques for the next generation of videogames and simulations.
interactivevisVR Virtual Reality
Analysis and interactive display of large data sets, and 3D interaction in virtual environments.
advrendering Advanced Rendering
Data structures, algorithms, and models for efficient and effective image synthesis
Geometry Processing
Computational models and efficient algorithms for the analysis, manipulation, and optimization of 3D data.
Image of fibers extracted from a diffusion tensor MRI data set, as icon for BioMedical Visualization research BioMedical Visualization
Processing and display of biological and medical data for clinical research, diagnosis, or computer-aided surgical planning.
Physics-Based Computer Animation icon Physics-Based Computer Animation
Methods for real-time simulation and control in the context of computer animation, games and virtual reality.
Image of a t-SNE plot as icon for the research direction Interactive Visualization and Visual Analytics Interactive Visualization and Visual Analytics
Algorithms and workflows for interactive visual analysis of complex, high-dimensional data.