Procedural destruction of objects in computer games

Joris Van Gestel

Traditional methods for creating destructible objects in computer games are becoming too expensive and cumbersome. Due to the increasing cost and demand for creating better looking and more content, production costs of computer games are spiraling out of control. Procedurally generated creation of destruction of objects can therefore help alleviate this problem, by reducing the amount of handwork that has to be done, however these techniques have not seen widespread use in the computer gaming industry yet.

The focus of this research is on finding out what kind of techniques have been created so far to simulate how objects break, and why the use of such techniques is still so very limited in available products. This problem is also approached from the industries point of view, trying to determine what the requirements for such techniques would be, and use this knowledge to design and create new techniques and tools to enable the efficient creation of procedurally destructible objects.