PhD defence Ruben Smelik

On the 30th November, Ruben Smelik will defend his PhD thesis: A Declarative Approach to Procedural Generation of Virtual Worlds.

The defence is open for the public and readers are therefore invited to attend the first ever Game Technology PhD defence from the TU Delft Graphics group. More details can be found here.

Committee: Rector Magnificus (TU Delft), Prof. dr. ir. F.W. Jansen (TU Delft), Dr. ir. R. Bidarra (TU Delft), Prof. dr. A. van Deursen (TU Delft), Prof. dr. ir. A. Verbraeck (TU Delft), Prof. dr. R.C. Veltkamp (Universiteit Utrecht), Dr. B. Benes (Purdue University, USA) and Dr. ir. J.K. de Kraker (TNO).

Date and time: 30 November 2011, 10:00

Location: Senaatszaal (Aula)

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