Memorial of the 1953 North Sea Flood

A discussion round on Wednesday 30th February was held in the TU Delft Science Center regarding the memorial of the North Sea Flood in 1953. 60 years ago, in the night of 31st January to the 1st February, a large flood hit the southern provinces of the Netherlands (Zeeland, South Holland and parts of Brabant). The flood took the inhabitants by in mid of the night by suprise, causing a death toll of several hundred people.

The discussion round, aiming the memorial of flood as well as future protection against such events, was supported by our 3Di Visualization system. Further information on the memorial is available as an interview of Olivier Hoes, associate professor at the TU Delft and lead scientist- and organisor of the event, an interview by TV West Nieuws of Olivier Hoes, an article in TU Delta on the visualization system and an article the TU newspage with some conclusions on the discussion.

3Di is a research programme in which the TU works together with Deltares and Nelen& Schuurmans on the development of a new generation flood simulation models.

The visualization of the flood was developed in co-operation of Olivier Hoes (Civiele Techniek en Geowetenschappen) and Christian Kehl (Elektrotechniek, Wiskunde en Informatica). The visualization demanded the processing of 4.8 * 10^9 points (~2TB), including the combination with respective aerial photographs, the configuration of the large 3D projection system (projection area: 3.00m * 2.40m by a 3D projection system mounted at 4m ceiling height) and the preparation of the large-scale simulation output. The simulation itself was computed with Sobek for the main flood area in a resolution of 50m * 50m as well as in 10m * 10m. For a realistic historic visualization, the ground point data were adapted to the actual coastline level in 1953.

For more technical information on the visualization system, please contact Christian Kehl. Further information on the simulation and the according discussion can be provided by Olivier Hoes. Introductory information on the flood event itself can be found on wikipedia.