Cytosplore: Rapid Single Cell Analysis

To download Cytosplore, please visit the Cytosplore website.

Cytosplore is an interactive visual analysis system for understanding how the immune system works. The goal of the analysis framework is to provide a clear picture of the immune systems cellular compositon and the cells’ corresponding properties and functionality. Cytosplore is targeted at the analysis of mass cytometry (CyToF) data. Mass cytometry is a novel technique to determine the properties of single-cells with unprecedented detail. This amount of detail allows for much finer differentiation but also comes at the cost of more complex analysis.

A screenshot of the Cytosplore application.
A screenshot of the Cytosplore application. We implement a coordinated multiple linked views application to show different facets of the data. From the left to right the visualizations show a force directed layout of the results of high dimensional clustering (a) using [SPADE], an embedding (b) (scatterplot visualization of dimensionality reduced data) computed using our approximated version of [tSNE][2] and a heat map view (c), showing median expressions of the computed clustering.

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Available Master Thesis Projects

We have open projects within the Cytosplore project including a project on classification of cellular expression data through dimensionality reduction. If you’re interested in working with me on this or other projects involving biological visualisation for your master thesis project, please contact me directly, or Dr. A. Vilanova to discuss the possibilities.


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