Colloquium Computer Graphics and Visualization

You are cordially invited to attend our next Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) Colloquium, which will be held on:

Thursday October 17th, 2013, 15:45-17.00, in the Dijkstrazaal (HB09.150)

The program this month is as follows:

* Marlon Etheredge: A Generic method for classification of player behavior

* Joey van den Heuvel: Interactive editing of mixed-initiative procedural decorations

* Casper van Leeuwen: Spatio-temporal hierarchical FTLE field clustering for pathline seedpoint determination in 4D flow data.

This is the first colloquium in the Fall semester, so we will be also welcoming all our new CGV seminar MSc students; from now on, they will be joining us monthly.

Looking forward to see you all at the colloquium!