CGV Midterm Master Project Presentations

You are cordially invited to attend the midterm master project presentations on Friday, 28 May starting 14:30. The session will be on Zoom (meeting detail available on request).

The session on 28 May features one speaker listed below and will take about 45 minutes.

Speaker: Kushal Prakash

Title: A hybrid framework for multi-agent communication and strategizing in AI Worldcup simulation

Abstract: AI football competitions are gaining increasing popularity due to their multi-agent ecosystem and the possibility of establishing communication between the agents with a hybrid approach. AI worldcup is a relatively newer competition involving a team of five simulated robots. Most teams in the recent edition of the competition had poorly executed moves and lacked team coordination. This makes it necessary for a framework which can solve most elementary issues easing the development of new strategies. In this work, we create a hybrid framework which closely resembles the functioning of an actual football team and allows for new strategies to be developed using Machine learning/algorithmic methods. Further, we will also investigate on gameplay and strategy development.