CGV Colloquium – Thursday May 21st

You are cordially invited to attend our next Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) Colloquium, which will be held on Thursday May 21, 2015, 15.45-17.20, in the Vassiliadis zaal (HB10.230).

The program this month features the following speakers:

  • Kai Lawonn
    • Title – Illustrative Visualization of Medical Data Sets
    • Abstract – The aim of an illustrative visualization method is to provide a simplified representation of a complex scene or object. Concave and convex regions are emphasized and the surface complexity is reduced by omitting unnecessary information. This abstraction is often preferred over fully illuminated scenes in a multitude of applications. This talk presents an overview of the state-of-the-art for feature lines. Additionally, an evaluation is shown to assess the quality of feature lines on anatomical data sets. Based on the evaluation, two conclusions in the field for medical applications were derived. From this point, this talk presents two solutions in the field of illustrative visualization for medical data sets. A novel line drawing technique will be presented to illustrate surfaces. According to different requirements, this technique will be extended for molecular surfaces. In the field of vessel visualization with embedded blood flow, an adaptive visualization method will be introduced. This technique will also be extended to animated blood flow. Finally, this talk shows different illustrative visualization concepts, which can be applied in various fields for depicting surface information.
  • Renata Raidou
    • Title – Test Talk EuroVis2015: Visual Analytics for the Exploration of Tumor Tissue Characteristics
    • Abstract – Tumors are heterogeneous tissues consisting of multiple regions with distinct characteristics. Characterization of these intra-tumor regions, using medical imaging data, can improve patient diagnosis and enable a better targeted treatment. However, the high dimensionality and complexity of the imaging-derived feature space of tumor tissue characteristics is prohibiting for easy exploration and analysis. We propose a visual tool for: (1) easy exploration and visual analysis of the feature space of imaging-derived tissue characteristics and (2) knowledge discovery and hypothesis generation and confirmation, with respect to reference data used in clinical research. We employ, as central view, a 2D embedding of the imaging-derived features. Multiple linked interactive views provide functionality for the exploration and analysis of the local structure of the feature space, enabling linking to patient anatomy and clinical reference data.
  • Kristinn Rúnarsson
    • Title – Animated Photomosaics
    • Abstract – A photomosaic is an image that has been divided into a grid of tiles, each of which is then replaced with another image that matches the tile section best. Animated photomosaics extend the previous photomosaic techniques to support video clips as input. The goal of the project is to come up with image descriptor suitable to generate photomosaics, and an application to efficiently create visually pleasing and coherent animated photomosaics.

As a reminder, all CGV MSc students (both seminar and thesis project) are expected to attend our monthly colloquium series. The next Colloquium is planned on Thursday 18 June. All other interested colleagues are more than welcome, so feel free to disseminate this announcement.