CGV Colloquium – Thursday June 18th

You are cordially invited to attend our next Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) Colloquium, which will be held on Thursday June 18, 2015, 15.45-17.20, in the Vassiliadis zaal (HB10.230).

The program this month features the following speakers:

  • Hongjie Li
    • Title – Automated Expansion of Statistical Shape Model Library for femur
    • Abstract – Currently Clinical Graphics has a Statistical Shape Model (SSM) trained from 275 3D meshes. The SSM can be used to segment MRI data of femur and hip. They also have 2000 partial femur meshes and want to incorporate the partial femur to the SSM training set, so that more reasonable variance can be introduced. My task it set one criteria to decide whether accept and reject the partial femur. Then incorporate the partial bone to the training set, and evaluate whether the new SSM improve the fit accuracy.
  • Fieke Taal
    • Title – Procedural Generation of Traffic Signs
    • Abstract – Designing realistic 3D content in virtual simulations is a hot topic and a challenge, especially in the context of virtual traffic situations considering several users, objects and traffic rules.  Manually generating these virtual environments is not efficient, so procedural methods are needed to create these complex traffic models. The goal of this project is to come up with a procedural method to generate automatically the right traffic signs in a road network.
  • Bas in het Veld
    • Title – Procedural generation of populations for storytelling
    • Abstract – Procedural world generation is often limited to creating worlds devoid of people and any background. Because of this, creating a vibrant, living world is still a problem that requires a skilled designer. We present a method that generates a socially connected population in any virtual terrain, using a mixed-initiative simulation of settlements that adapt to the world and to a designer’s input. Using this simulation, we develop a number of sample worlds that convey the expressive potential of the approach.

As a reminder, all CGV MSc students (both seminar and thesis project) are expected to attend our monthly colloquium series. The next Colloquium is planned on Thursday the 16th of July. All other interested colleagues are more than welcome, so feel free to disseminate this announcement.