CGV Colloquium – Thursday April 9th

You are cordially invited to attend our next Computer Graphics and Visualization (CGV) Colloquium, which will be held on Thursday April 9, 2015, 15.45-17.20, in the Dijkstraroom (HB09.150). The program this month features the following speakers:

  • Mattijs van Driel:
    • Title – Real time intersections on  Space Scale Cube data
    • Abstract – The space scale cube (SSC) model offers a new way of encoding 2D geographic data with continuous level of abstraction on the Z axis. It lacks a flexible way of visualizing intersections, which is what this work offers at its core. A SSC based dataset is preprocessed into a simple octree structure, which is then used as input for an interactive rendering system that provides a user controllable intersection surface. The system uses the octree structure to cull unnecessary chunks, and OpenGL to render the intersections themselves. In addition to rendering intersections, the approach allows for a number of enhancements on the final image, such as antialiasing and transition colorization.
  • Rob Coorens:
    • Title – Quantification of deformation and sliding of orbital fat during rotation of the eye Short
    • Abstract – When the eye rotates, the muscles contract and move through the orbital fat. This movement is a combination of sliding through the fat and deformation of the fat. The goal of the project is to quantify both types of movement from MRI data of the orbit using registration and segmentation techniques.

As a reminder, all CGV MSc students (both seminar and thesis project) are expected to attend our monthly colloquium series. All other interested colleagues are more than welcome, so feel free to disseminate this announcement. Looking forward to see you all at the colloquium!

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