CGV Colloquium – Friday March 2nd

The meeting on March 2nd is scheduled from 15:45-16:45 in EWI lecture hall Pi. The programme features a MSc graduation project midterm presentations.

Presenter: Bastiaan Grisèl

Title: Interactive analysis of 3D embeddings in Virtual Reality

Abstract: Developments in algorithm design and computing power have enabled dimensionality reduction algorithms to run in real-time. While embedding data in three dimensions can lead to a more faithful representation of a dataset when compared to embedding in two dimensions, embeddings are often visualised in 2D (on computer screens) with limited possibilities for interaction. Virtual Reality (VR) makes it possible to visualise embeddings in stereo 3D and interact with them using VR motion controllers, enabling the user to interact with the algorithm as it evolves and develop an understanding of both the algorithm and the dataset. This research uses a well-known dimensionality reduction algorithm called t-SNE and aims to provide the user with virtual tools to work with the algorithm to generate more powerful embeddings and better understand high-dimensional datasets.