CG Colloquium Thursday March 21st

You are cordially invited to attend our Computer Graphics and Visualization Seminar on Thursday, March 21, 2019, 15:45-17:45h, at EWI-Lecture hall Chip.

The program features the following three speakers:

David Alderliesten
Title: Continuum Crowds
Abstract: We present a real-time crowd model based on continuum dynamics. In our model, a dynamic potential field simultaneously integrates global navigation with moving obstacles such as other people, efficiently solving for the motion of large crowds without the need for explicit collision avoidance. Simulations created with our system run at interactive rates, demonstrate smooth flow under a variety of conditions, and naturally exhibit emergent phenomena that have been observed in real crowds.

Remco de Vos
Title: Tile-based Pattern Design with Topology Control
Abstract: Patterns with desired aesthetic appearances and physical structures are ubiquitous. However, such patterns are challenging to produce‚ąímanual authoring requires significant expertise and efforts while automatic computation lacks sufficient flexibility and user control. We propose a method that automatically synthesizes vector patterns with visual appearance and topological structures designated by users via input exemplars and output conditions. The input can be an existing vector graphics design or a new one manually drawn by the user through our interactive interface. Our system decomposes the input pattern into constituent components (tiles) and overall arrangement (tiling). The tile sets are general and flexible enough to represent a variety of patterns, and can produce different outputs with user specified conditions such as size, shape, and topological properties for physical manufacturing.

Vera Hoveling
Final Bachelor presentation by Vera Hoveling.