CG Colloquium Thursday April 4th

You are cordially invited to attend our Computer Graphics and Visualization Seminar on Thursday, April 4, 2019, 15:45-17:45h, at Pulse Hall 7.

The program features the following three speakers:

Ruben VroegindeWeij (PRELIMINARY)
Title: Motion in Image
Abstract: We present a method to encode motion in a single image by mixing frames from different time origins with a simple user interface.

Mark van de Ruit
Title: Pre-Estimated Spectral Rendering
Abstract: Spectral Monte-Carlo rendering algorithms are suited for reproducing several advanced light phenomena such as dispersion and colored particle scattering. However, spectral rendering comes at the cost of increased (colored) image noise, as now additional samples are required in the spectral domain. We propose to iteratively build estimates of the spectral distributions in a scene during rendering, and use these estimates to guide sampling of the spectral domain. This method can lower variance from spectral sampling in specific situations, which is demonstrated with a working implementation in a conventional path tracer.

Felix Yang
Title: Adaptive Multi-view Ambient Occlusion
Abstract: Screen-space ambient occlusion and obscurance is a group of techniques that approximate the ambient occlusion or obscurance lighting model in the screen-space. They are ubiquitously adopted in modern video games, but suffer from view-dependent artifacts. One possible method to remedy such artifacts is using additional auxiliary cameras to aid the computation, but the improvement diminishes if the auxiliary cameras have poor coverage of the main scene. This project aims to develop techniques to adaptively manipulate the auxiliary cameras to ensure good coverages, therefore a more stable improvement over the single-view result.