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MSc thesis successfully defended

On 15th of March, 2018, Jan-Willem van Velzen successfully defended his master thesis titled “Texture-based Rendering of Vector-based Shapes”. In his work he presents an approach to store vector-based shapes into discrete raster-based textures, optimized for parallel rendering. He also discusses the implementation of both the serialization and deserialization steps, as well as rendering regular vector shapes with a comparable quality.

We congratulate Jan-Williem with his work and defense and wish him all the best for the future!

Eurographics 2018 registration is now open

Eurographics 2018 takes place in the Netherlands! Eurographics is the flagship event of the Eurographics Asssociation and the top computer graphics conference in Europe. Checkout the program here.

The registration is now open! Early-bird is running until 15th of March. All registration fees include full access to the 5-day conference, all social events, the electronic theater, as well as on-site lunch!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Delft between the 16th-20th of April!

Delft Data Science Seminar – Visual Data Science and its role in Computational Medicine

Tuesday the 6th of Februari the Delft Data Science Seminar takes place at the Faculty of Aerospace and Engineering at TU Delft.

The Computer Graphics and Visualization Group of TU Delft Data Science, in cooperation with prof. Helwig Hauser from the University of Bergen (Norway), organise this one-day workshop where evolutionary new opportunities in data science and technology are combined in visualisation and medicine in methods such as neuroimaging and machine learning.

We are glad that eight high-profile speakers have accepted our invitation to talk at this workshop. They will comment on a variety of topics, including visual data science vs. classical science, on computational vs. interactive approaches and on the role of the human in visual data science.

Join us on Tuesday the 6th of February from 10 AM till 5 PM for the Delft Data Science Seminar – Visual Data Science and its role in Computational Medicine.

Workshop program (links to slides): 

09h30 welcome & registration

10h00 opening (DDS / TU Delft, Univ. of Bergen)

10h10 session 1: computational & visual solutions in biomedicine (chair: H. Hauser)

11h10 coffee break

11h30 session 2: neuroimaging and visual data science (chair: A. Vilanova)

12h30 lunch

13h30 session 3: data science with statistics & machine learning (chair: E. Eisemann)

14h30 coffee break

14h50 session 4: visual data science with visualization & visual analytics (chair: H. Hauser)

16h00 panel discussion

The panel focused on having different views on relevant aspects of visual data science. Visual data science vs. classical science (indicating the change of paradigm on how to identify hypothesis), on computational vs. interactive visual approaches (challenges and opportunities), on the role of the human in visual data science.


16h45 closing (DDS / TU Delft, Univ. of Bergen)

17h00 drinks




Eurographics 2018 continues a series of conferences organized by the Eurographics Association covering the wide field of Computer Graphics, from rendering techniques to geometry and mesh processing, as well as computer animation and physical simulation.

The 39th Eurographics conference will be held on April 16-20, 2018 in Delft, The Netherlands. Delft University of Technology will host the conference.

For more information, please go to:


Recent PhD defenses

Two new doctors graduated from our group at the end of 2014 in the field of medical visualization:

  • Dr. Peter Kok successfully defended his PhD. In his thesis, ‘Integrative Visualization of Whole Body Molecular Imaging Data‘, Dr. Kok present methods to map molecular imaging data to a common reference frame, to combine multiple modalities and to compare scans taken at different timepoints. The full text of the thesis is available here.
Dr. Kok with his paranymphs and the thesis committee members.
Dr. Kok with his paranymphs and the thesis committee members. tblr: Jos Roerdink, Elmar Eisemann, Charl Botha, Erik Jansen, Boudewijn Lelieveldt, beadle Rina Abbriata, Louise van der Weerd, Bernhard Preim, Noeska Smit, Peter Kok, Thomas Kroes and the head of the committee.
  • On the same day, Dr. Stef Busking also successfully defended his PhD. His thesis, ‘Visualization of Variation and Variability‘ deals with comparative visualization as a means to analyze variation or variability based on two or more specific instances of the data. The full text of the thesis is available here.

We would like to congratulate to both doctors with their accomplishments.

Elmar Eisemann’s inauguration speech: today at 15:00 in the TU Delft Aula!

Today, Elmar Eisemann, the head of our Computer Graphics and Visualization group, will be delivering his inauguration speech at 3 pm in the TU Delft Aula. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to hear about, and see, the many exciting possibilities and application areas of computer graphics. Find out in what directions our group will develop in and join us this afternoon at the aula auditorium. Check out the full invitation here!

MSc thesis successfully defended

On the 10th of October, Lennaert van den Brink successfully defended his thesis “HiveArcs – visualizing genome co-expression data“. In his work, he introduced HiveArcs, an interactive online visual analysis for genome co-expression data. HiveArcs visualizes modules using arc diagrams on radially placed axes. Using this lay-out accommodates display of per-gene tracks of additional information as well as relationships between modules. This allows for quick and intuitive comparison between modules as well as in depth analysis of a single module.

HiveArcs - Visualizing genome co-expression data
The HiveArcs layout with 1) the module glyps, 2) arc diagrams, 3) gene tracks and 4) module tracks.

We would like to congratulate Lennaert with his work and defense and wish him all the best for the future!

Two MSc theses successfully defended

Korijn van Golen and Matthijs Neven successfully defended their theses in our group recently.

Landmark Influence VisualizationLandmark Influence Visualization
Landmark Influence Visualization

On Tuesday, the 8th of July, Korijn defended his thesis “Landmark Influence Visualization in Active Shape Models”. In his work he introduced a novel landmark influence visualization that improves the usability of Active Shape Models. Landmark influence is defined as the change the model fit will undergo if a landmark is removed. The landmark influence is visualized using disk glyphs around landmarks. A region-of-interest filter can be used to inspect influence on local regions. Distance maps and animations visualize how the shape will change.

Remote Rendering interface
Remote Rendering interface

On Friday, the 22nd of August, Matthijs defended his thesis “Interactive Remote Rendering”. In his work, he present an interactive remote volume-rendering system that tries to bridge the gap between complex medical volume data and the patient. The user can easily upload their own data, which they receive from the clinician after a scan, which they can then visualize. The application does not require any medical or volume visualization background, and can run from any device with a working internet connection and an internet browser.

We’d like to congratulate Korijn and Matthijs with their Master of Science titles!