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Recent PhD defenses

Two new doctors graduated from our group at the end of 2014 in the field of medical visualization:

  • Dr. Peter Kok successfully defended his PhD. In his thesis, ‘Integrative Visualization of Whole Body Molecular Imaging Data‘, Dr. Kok present methods to map molecular imaging data to a common reference frame, to combine multiple modalities and to compare scans taken at different timepoints. The full text of the thesis is available here.
Dr. Kok with his paranymphs and the thesis committee members.
Dr. Kok with his paranymphs and the thesis committee members. tblr: Jos Roerdink, Elmar Eisemann, Charl Botha, Erik Jansen, Boudewijn Lelieveldt, beadle Rina Abbriata, Louise van der Weerd, Bernhard Preim, Noeska Smit, Peter Kok, Thomas Kroes and the head of the committee.
  • On the same day, Dr. Stef Busking also successfully defended his PhD. His thesis, ‘Visualization of Variation and Variability‘ deals with comparative visualization as a means to analyze variation or variability based on two or more specific instances of the data. The full text of the thesis is available here.

We would like to congratulate to both doctors with their accomplishments.

Elmar Eisemann’s inauguration speech: today at 15:00 in the TU Delft Aula!

Today, Elmar Eisemann, the head of our Computer Graphics and Visualization group, will be delivering his inauguration speech at 3 pm in the TU Delft Aula. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to hear about, and see, the many exciting possibilities and application areas of computer graphics. Find out in what directions our group will develop in and join us this afternoon at the aula auditorium. Check out the full invitation here!

MSc thesis successfully defended last week

Casper van Leeuwen successfully defended his thesis ‘Spatial-temporal pathline clustering based on FTLE fields‘ in our group on the 14th of May.

Casper van Leeuwen defending his thesis
Casper van Leeuwen defending his thesis

In his work, Casper worked with cardiac flow acquisition data consisting of 3D blood flow of the heart featuring 4D vector fields. These 4D vector fields of the heart are used in clinical research to gain insight in the flow patterns within the heart which in turn can be used to gain a better understanding of the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases. He implemented a visualization technique called Spatial-temporal Clustering based on Finite Time Lyapunov Exponents, that aims to circumvent the challenges posed by the structural complexity of the flow and give a concise and insightful representation of the blood flow patterns within the heart. Aside from the main visualization technique this works also introduces a novel probing technique that highlights the base principles of the FTLE fields to provide the user with a better understanding of how a FTLE field works.

Casper van Leeuwen receives his MSc degree
Casper van Leeuwen receives his MSc degree

We would like to congratulate Casper with his achievement and new title and wish him all the best for the future!

Presentation and Paper Award at i3D 2014


At i3D 2014, our paper “Prefiltered Single Scattering” (Oliver Klehm et al.) received two awards.
It was chosen for the JCGT selection and it won the third place presentation award!

The approach allows rendering of participating media at very low cost with high quality, which makes it interesting for many interactive applications!

Congratulations everyone!

CGV at the open days

Yesterday, at the open days for the potential new computer science bachelor students, the CGV group presented several gametech-related student projects. Here are some pictures from the TU Delft Computer Science facebook page:

On Monday, there will be another chance to see these projects and many more at the second day of the open days.

New group website launched!

Welcome to the new website of the Computer Graphics and Visualization group! We have migrated from our old MoinMoin wiki-style webpage to this brand new WordPress installation. In addition to this new website, we also have a new group logo that can be seen in the header image above. To celebrate, Ricardo Lopes has composed a video that  showcases some of the research that  is done in our group with music by Berend Klein Haneveld:

New Full Professor Dr. Elmar Eisemann arrived

We are very happy to announce the arrival of our group’s new full professor, Prof.dr. Elmar Eisemann. Professor Eisemann joined the group at the beginning of October, and adapted rapidly to the his new environment. He has a strong academic background in graphics, photo-realistic rendering and stereovision rendering, opening up a variety of new possibilities for the CGV Group. Further information about Prof. Dr. Eisemann can be found on his website.


We are looking forward to tackling new challenges as a team under the leadership of Prof.dr. Eisemann!