Visual analysis of video recorded dinghy sailing sessions

Gijs M. W. Reichert , Marcos Pieras, Ricardo Marroquim, Anna Vilanova
The Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction (VINCI) - 2020
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Nowadays video plays an important role in the coaching of athletes across many different sports. For sailing training sessions, the videos are recorded from the coach boat and provide ways to review and analyze the training sessions aiming at improving the sailors performance. On one hand, videos are commonly recorded with handheld devices that are rather cumbersome to acquire and are prone to missing many important moments. On the other hand, recordings of entire sessions with an integrated camera in the coach boat are difficult to analyze given their length and the lack of image stability. We present a pipeline to facilitate the visual analysis of these full session videos. We extract manoeuvres as interesting segments, and provide a visualization framework to present the video and processed data. Manoeuvres are extracted by detecting and tracking the boat and sailors. With the visualization tool, the user can locate and visually inspect those manoeuvres for coaching tasks. We evaluated the potential of the framework and from the results we conclude that the manoeuvre detection is reasonably accurate and some coaches see potential in the presented framework.

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