A serious game for students to acquire productivity habits

Wouter Raateland, Konstantinos Chronas, Tim Wissel, Tim Bruyn, Bertan Konuralp, Mijael Bueno, Nestor Z. Salamon, Rafael Bidarra
Games and Learning Alliance, Volume 12517, page 335--346 - dec 2020
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In recent years there has been an increasing shift from tra-ditional work to knowledge work. Students are not always well preparedfor such a work mode and struggle with time and energy management,leading to stress and long unhealthy study sessions. There are many ap-plications aimed at developing productivity habits. A few of them aresomewhat gamified, although they are especially focused on real-worldto-do lists, lacking a strong narrative and appeal, especially to students.We present the serious gameBusyBusy, specifically designed for collegestudents. The game revolves around thecaptureandreflectionsteps ofDavid Allen’sGetting Things Donemethodology. By simulating aspectsof student life,BusyBusyfacilitates students to practice capturing action-related thoughts in their real life and reflect upon study activity choicesin an entertaining and engaging environment.

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