Learning geothermal energy basics with the serious game HotPipe

Liam Mac an Bhaird, Mohammed Al Owayyed, Ronald van Driel, Huinan Jiang, Runar A. Johannessen, Nestor Z. Salamon, J. Timothy Balint, Rafael Bidarra
Games and Learning Alliance, Volume 11899, page 312 -- 321 - 2019
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Burning fossil fuels is a big part of our heat production. Sincethis process is both non-renewable and polluting, finding other optionsis important. A clean and underutilized alternative is geothermal energy.However, it is often not considered due to sheer ignorance or misconcep-tions. HotPipe is a serious game designed to alleviate these problems,particularly among youth populations. Players control a drill to creategeothermal wells solving a variety of puzzles, which introduce relevantcases for geothermal heating and show what geothermal wells are madeof. The game focuses primarily on conveying the concepts ofwater circu-lation,relation between temperature and depth, androck type proprieties.From our game evaluation, players revealed a solid improvement on theirgeothermal energy knowledge.

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