Towards Predictive Virtual Prototyping: Color Calibration of Consumer VR HMDs

Olaf Clausen, Gregor Fischer, Arnulph Furhmann, Ricardo Marroquim
16th GI AR/VR Workshop - 2019
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Nowadays, virtual prototyping is an established and increasingly important part of the development cycle of new products. Often CAVEs and Powerwalls are used as Virtual Reality (VR) systems to provide an immersive reproduction of virtual content. These VR systems are space and cost-intensive. With the advent of the recent consumer Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays (VR HMDs), HMDs got more attention from the industry. To increase the acceptance for HMDs as VR system for virtual prototypes, color consistency has to be improved. In this paper, we present an approach to characterize and calibrate displays of consumer VR HMDs. The approach is based on a simple display model, which is commonly used for calibration of conventional displays, but has not yet been applied for VR HMDs. We implemented this approach with the HTC Vive Pro and the Pimax 5k+. In combination with our calibration approach, the Vive Pro provides a color reproduction without perceivable color differences.

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