MainTrain: a serious game on the complexities of rail maintenance

David Alderliesten, Kotryna Valeckaite, Nestor Z. Salamon, J. Timothy Balint, Rafael Bidarra
Games and Learning Alliance, Volume 11385, page 82--89 - jan 2019
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Commuters who travel by train often feel annoyed due to misunderstanding the causes of de-lays in train traffic. They oftentimes are unaware of the necessity of performing maintenance to stations, tracks, and trains. MainTrain is a serious game developed to teach commuters about rail-maintenance while simulating the difficulty of keeping passengers happy. It is a fast-paced strategy game with a top-down view in which a player can perform maintenance actions on stations, tracks, and trains. By using commuter happiness as a base metric, MainTrain attempts to elicit empathy from players dissatisfied with scheduled maintenance so that they gain a better appreciation of the need for scheduled maintenance. This is coupled with the need to schedule maintenance for several components of a rail network, encumbering a player while teaching them about different aspects of rail maintenance. To examine the effectiveness of the game, the results of a user study are presented.

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