Hyper-Reduced Projective Dynamics

ACM Trans. Graph. (Proc. of SIGGRAPH), Volume 37, Number 4, page 80:1--80:13 - 2018
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We present a method for the real-time simulation of deformable objects that combines the robustness, generality, and high performance of Projective Dynamics with the efficiency and scalability offered by model reduction techniques. The method decouples the cost for time integration from the mesh resolution and can simulate large meshes in real-time. The proposed hyper-reduction of Projective Dynamics combines a novel fast approximation method for constraint projections and a scalable construction of sparse subspace bases. The resulting system achieves real-time rates for large subspaces enabling rich dynamics and can resolve general user interactions, collision constraints, external forces and changes to the materials. The construction of the hyper-reduced system does not require user-interaction and refrains from using training data or modal analysis, which results in a fast preprocessing stage.

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