Mixed-media Game AI

Antonios Liapis, Elisabeth Andre, Sander CJ Bakkes, Rafael Bidarra, Steve Dahlskog, Mirjam P Eladhari, Ana Paiva, Mike Preuss, Gillian Smith, Anne Sullivan, Tommy Thompson, David Thue, Georgios N Yannakakis, R Michael Young
Schloss Dagstuhl--Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, Volume 7, page 105 - 2017
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Over the last decades, digital technologies have moved away from the personal computer (PC) into cloud computing, ubiquitous computing, intelligent robots and smart devices. From wearable technologies to remote-controlled household items and from sensors for crowd control to personal drones, there is a broad range of sources which can be exploited for artificial intelligence in games. While artificial intelligence (AI) is already a big part of the Internet of Things, raising concerns in terms of ethics and politics [1], games have been relatively partitioned away to PCs. Relevant work on wearable technologies as game controllers [2], mixed- or virtual-reality rendering [3], or technology-enhanced play in playgrounds [4], social robots for games [5] or board games [6], has largely not taken advantage of artificial intelligence for controlling or mediating the experience. Using the term mixed-media to refer broadly to any media, digital or otherwise, outside the game data within a PC or a game-specific database, this working group attempted to map out the broad topic of mixed-media in terms of its applications for game AI.

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