Assisted Color Acquisition for 3D Models

Daniel Coutinho, Ricardo Marroquim, Matteo Dellepiane, Roberto Scopigno
Computers & Graphics, Volume 68, page 119--128 - nov 2017
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Capturing surface appearance precisely is paramount for modeling realistic materials. Nevertheless, the spatially varying nature ofmost materials is difficult to measure. State-of-the-art methods often rely on complex apparatus and controlled environments, andeven if they are able to acquire reliable SVBRDFs, the whole process usually takes a long time and generates a large amount ofdata, that is often redundant.In this work we propose a method for fast and assisted acquisition of material properties on-site. The system has a simple setup,requiring only a generic camera and a light source. Consequently, it is also very portable and appropriate for a broad range of objectsizes and scenarios. The system guides the acquisition process, allowing for a fast capture session while at the same time producinghigh-quality per vertex diffuse colors. To help in achieving a complete coverage it suggests missing light directions, reducing theamount of necessary input images and the acquisition time. The system is designed to workin situ, therefore the whole acquisitionprocess works with immediate feedback and interactive integration of new data.We show results for a variety of objects differing in size and materials.

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