Spectral Processing of Tangential Vector Fields

Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 36, Number 6, page 338-353 - 2017
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We propose a framework for the spectral processing of tangential vector fields on surfaces. The basis is a Fourier-type representation of tangential vector fields that associates frequencies with tangential vector fields. To implement the representation for piecewise constant tangential vector fields on triangle meshes, we introduce a discrete Hodge–Laplace operator that fits conceptually to the prominent cotan discretization of the Laplace–Beltrami operator. Based on the Fourier representation, we introduce schemes for spectral analysis, filtering and compression of tangential vector fields. Moreover, we introduce a spline-type editor for modeling of tangential vector fields with interpolation constraints for the field itself and its divergence and curl. Using the spectral representation, we propose a numerical scheme that allows for real-time modeling of tangential vector fields.

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