Super Starfish Mania: fish for friends

Jurgen van Schagen, Martijn Gribnau, Jean de Leeuw, Benjamin Los, Nick Cleintuar, Rafael Bidarra
Proceedings of CHIPLAY - 2015 Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play, page 787--790 - oct 2015
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Sedentary lifestyles are becoming increasingly common in modern society. Living like this does however increase the risks on health problems and diseases. Although research on this topic has been done, it has been inconclusive. Super Starfish Mania is an Android application that attempts to increase the user's awareness of sedentary behavior through the use of gamification. By using notifications, games, rewards, collaboration and progression, we encourage the user to periodically take short - but active - breaks during their days. Consistently taking these breaks eventually leads to healthier habits and a better understanding of an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

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