Illustrative Multi-volume Rendering for PET/CT Scans

Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine - 2015
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In this paper we present illustrative visualization techniques for PET/CT datasets. PET/CT scanners acquire both PET and CT image data in order to combine functional metabolic information with structural anatomical information. Current visualization techniques mainly rely on 2D image fusion techniques to convey this combined information to physicians. We introduce an illustrative 3D visualization technique, specifically designed for use with PET/CT datasets. This allows the user to easily detect foci in the PET data and to localize these regions by providing anatomical contextual information from the CT data. Furthermore, we provide transfer function specifically designed for PET data that facilitates the investigation of interesting regions. Our technique allows users to get a quick overview of regions of interest and can be used in treatment planning, doctor-patient communication and interdisciplinary communication. We conducted a qualitative evaluation with medical experts to validate the utility of our method in clinical practice.

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