BloxAR: Augment Your Social Life!

Niels C. Bakker, Jehan da Camara, Maarten van Elsas, Leon J. Helsloot, Gert Spek, Isha J. van Baar, Ben Kybartas, Rafael Bidarra
CHI Play 2014 - oct 2014
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Many people who own a smartphone spend a large amount of time playing mobile games. Despite the technological capabilities and social potential of these devices, the majority of mobile games make limited use of available technologies and contain little or no multiplayer elements. BloxAR is an augmented reality mobile game that aims to provide a fun and engaging social experience. In this game, players compete in teams to be the first to build a virtual block structure within a set time. Play consists of physically exploring the structure in an augmented reality environment, building the structure by placing blocks and cooperating with teammates to combine blocks together

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