Paintrix: color up your life!

Dimitri Slappendel, Fanny Lie, Martijn de Vos, Alex Kolpa, Rafael Bidarra
Proceedings of Advances in Computer Entertainment 2013, LNCS 8253, page 576-579 - 2013
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Train stations, shopping malls and airports: all public places where we spend a lot of time, waiting for the train, for our friends and for the gate to open. While waiting, we get bored and we would like to entertain ourselves in order to kill time. The first thing that comes to our minds is playing a game or socializing using our smartphone. People around you are doing the exact same thing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could play a game with those people, a game which requires collaboration and interaction with your surroundings? This is exactly where Paintrix comes into play: gather people, form two teams and let them collaborate and compete at the same time. Teams have to solve the same puzzle against the clock. Be faster than your opposing team to win! How does this work?

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