Towards Declarative Medical Visualization

Noeska Natasja Smit, Thomas Kroes, Anne C. Kraima, Daniel Jansma, Marco C. Deruiter, Edward R. Valstar, Charl P. Botha
Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine Poster - 2012
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We present the first steps towards Declarative Medical Visualization, a new approach for the specification of visualizations of medical data. Instead of issuing instructions based on the available techniques and their parameters, the intended task is specified, using concepts from an atlas that can be mapped onto the data that is to be visualized. We show two often-occurring examples with our prototype implementation: surgical access planning and anatomical exploration. This implementation is based on the Unified Anatomical Human, a growing anatomical atlas of multi-modal and annotated anatomical data, and the ExposureRender visualization system which provides real-time interactive direct volume rendering.

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