Enhanced Target Driven Smoke Morphing

Marcelo Renhe, Antonio Oliveira, Claudio Esperan├ža, Ricardo Marroquim
25th SIBGRAPI Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images - 2012
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Target driven smoke morphings are processes, based on the simulation of smoke dynamics, which are so flexible that we are induced to believe that they can produce a continuous transformation of any 2D object into any other. Here they are considered with respect to the ability of reproducing targets of more complex geometry or topology, assuming that the process starts at a generic 2D object. Alternatives for several limitations are proposed to make it possible to cope with fine dents, cavities or holes and to obtain the same brightness in all components of a non-connected target object. The original approach uses a diffusion process to define a field that pulls smoke towards the target. Here that field is replaced by one, depending on a distance transform, which is computationally simpler and helps to deal with peculiarities of the objects. The finalization of the morphing process is also focused with the objective of eliminating oscillations and flickering.

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