Conformal multi-material mesh generation from labelled medical volumes

3D NordOst Workshop, Volume 15, page 47--56 - dec 2012
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Generating accurate volume meshes from segmented image volumes is important in certain medical applications. One application is finite element analysis (FEA) for orthopaedic pre-operative planning . The resulting FEA models can be used in patient -specific, bio-mechanical simulations andimplants positioning. Currently available software packages for volume meshing of segmented data can generate accurate, usable meshes. However many of them cannot create feature - adaptive volume meshes of multiple intersecting structures while maintaining high precision. An approach that respects both these requirements is based on a dynamic particle system. In this paper, we propose a system that specifically includes the ability to handle multiple labels and their interfaces. Dynamic particle systems are computationally expensive and may be slow. As an improvement to our reference method , we implement a fast Integer Medial Axis algorithm. Furthermore, we propose an improved local triangulation scheme that may enhance the ability to model sharp features with a given particle count. Strict theoretical sampling restrictions limit the flexibility of Delaunay-based meshing methods. We suggest that using a local reconstruction scheme is a good approach to decouple the system from strict sampling limitations. We evaluate our system by comparing it to a reference particle - based meshing implementation. Results show that the choice of the Medial Axis Transform (MAT) methods greatly influences quality and speed of feature adaptive volume meshing.

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