Mapping images to target devices

Francesco Banterle, Alessandro Artusi, Elmar Eisemann, Diego Guitierrez, Tobias Ritschel, Tunc Aydin, Rafal Matiuk, Piotr Didyk
Eurographics 2012 Courses - dec 2012
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Retargeting is a process through which an image or a video is adapted from the display device for which it was meant (target display) to another one (retarget display). The retarget display can have different features from the target one such as: dynamic range, discretization levels, color gamut, multi-view (3D), refresh rate, spatial resolution, etc. This tutorial presents the latest solutions and techniques for retargeting images along various dimensions (such as dynamic range, colors, temporal and spatial resolutions) and offers for the first time a much-needed holistic view of the field. This includes how to measure and analyze the changes applied to an image/video in terms of quality using both (subjective) psychophysical experiments and (objective) computational metrics.

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