Procedural natural systems for game level design

Remco Huijser, Jeroen Dobbe, Willem F. Bronsvoort, Rafael Bidarra
Proceedings of SBGames 2010, page 177--186 - nov 2010
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Due to the increase in magnitude and level of detail of next-gen games, the time required to manually design a game level has increased dramatically. This paper introduces procedural natural systems, a novel approach aimed at reducing the time needed to design large-scale natural phenomena for game levels. The concept of natural systems separates the shape of a natural phenomenon from its footprint, allowing a designer to edit either of them separately. Various procedural techniques are used to combine the shape and footprint of a natural system, as well as to tweak these in real-time in a game world. We conclude that natural systems provide a solid foundation for intuitive, flexible and efficient procedural generation of significant portions of a game level.

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