Combining mesh volume and streamline representations for polyp detection in ct colonography

V.F. van Ravesteijn, Lingxiao Zhao, Charl P. Botha, Frits H. Post, F.M. Vos, L.J. van Vliet
Proc. ISBI - 2009
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CT colonography is a screening technique for adenomatous colorectal polyps, which are important precursors to colon cancer. Computer aided detection (CAD) systems are developed to assist radiologists. We present a CAD system that substantially reduces false positives while keeping the sensitivity high. Hereto, we combine protrusion measures derived from the solution of a non-linear partial differential equation (PDE) applied to both an explicit mesh and an implicit volumetric representation of the colon wall. The shape of the protruding elements is efficiently described via a technique from data visualization based on curvature streamlines. A lowcomplex pattern recognition system based on an intuitive feature from the aforementioned representations improves performance to less than 1.6 false positives per scan at 92% sensitivity per polyp.

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