PEx-WEB: content-based visualization of web search results

Fernando V. Paulovich, Roberto Pinho, Charl P. Botha, Anton Heijs, Rosane Minghim
Proc. 12 International Conference Information Visualisation (IV08) - 2008
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The efficacy of search engines has expanded the uses for the information available on the Web. An increasing number of applications make use of the WWW as a primary source of information. The usefulness of such applications is, however, impaired by the current styles of display of the web search results. This paper presents a system that adapts two techniques to map and explore web results visually in order to find relevant patterns and relationships amongst the resulting documents. The first technique creates a visual map of the search results using a contentbased multidimensional projection. The second techniques is capable of identifying, labeling and displaying topics within sub-groups of documents on the map. The system (The Projection explorer for the WWW, or PEx-Web) implements these techniques and various additional tools as means to make better use of web search results for exploratory applications.

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