Optimized Representations for the Acceleration of Display- and Collision Queries

PhD thesis from Grenoble Universities (Universit'e Joseph Fourier) - 2008
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A rapidly growing computer graphics community has contributed to dramatic increase in complexity with respect to geometry as well as physical phenomena. Simulating, approximating and visualizing geometry consisting of tens of millions of polygons simultaneously tested for collision or visibility is becoming increasingly common. Further, recent technological innovations from graphics card vendors has given impetus to achieving these results at very high frame rates. Despite tremendous developments in graphics hardware, capturing the complete surrounding environment poses a signi cant challenge. Given the added time constraint for real-time or interactive rates, simpli ed representations and suitable approximations of physical e ects are of key importance. This dissertation focuses on simpli ed representations and computations to achieve real-time performance for complex tasks and concentrates on a variety of topics including simpli cation, visibility, soft shadows and voxelization.

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