Stylized vector art from 3d models with region support

Elmar Eisemann, Holger Winnemoeller, John C. Hart, David Salesin
Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of EGSR), Volume 27, Number 4 - June 2008
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We describe a rendering system that converts a 3D meshed model into the stylized 2D filled-region vector-art commonly found in clip-art libraries. To properly define filled regions, we analyze and combine accurate but jagged face-normal contours with smooth but inaccurate interpolated vertex normal contours, and construct a new smooth shadow contour that properly surrounds the actual jagged shadow contour. We decompose region definition into geometric and topological components, using machine precision for geometry processing and raster-precision to accelerate topological queries. We extend programmable stylization to simplify, smooth and stylize filled regions. The result renders 10 K-face meshes into custom clip-art in seconds.

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