Advanced direct manipulation of feature models

Rafael Bidarra, Alex Noort, Daniel Lourenco, Pedro Oliveira
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications - GRAPP 07, page 130--136 - mar 2007
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In current commercial feature modelling systems, support for direct manipulation of features is not commonly available. As a result, re-designing is time-consuming due to the inefficient feedback, the insight given is rather poor, and user interaction often lacks intuitiveness. This is partly due to the lack of speed of current constraint solvers, but also to deficient interactive facilities. In this paper, we argue that providing advanced direct manipulation facilities for feature models is possible and can significantly speed up the product design process, by giving designers a much more intuitive interface, with immediate feedback and deeper insight into the consequences of each modelling action. An approach to such a direct manipulation interface is presented that brings together the advantages of direct manipulation of feature models with the necessary emphasis on fundamental feature modelling paradigms like feature parametrisation and feature validity maintenance. In particular, it offers a powerful combination of various 3D handles for real-valued feature parameters, with a preview overlay facility for all modelling operations. Details are provided on how this approach was successfully implemented in a prototype feature modelling system.

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